Updates on our newest KKH products

Princess Headbands

Karine Lawani

Tags headband

Proud to well come new royalty, 5 new colors of our KKH princess headbands! Kash KB Royal Kold Kronze Krimzon    shop these beauties now

Lash Adhesive

Karine Lawani

Our KKH Lash Adhesive has now dropped! Which comes in two colours -True Black True White the strongest lash adhesive on the market! 24hour hold, super easy to removeShop at Kingskollectionhair.com 🤍

Hair Kare & Beauty

Karine Lawani

Tags hairglue, remover

Bringing you our latest fast selling product from the KKH beauty kollection. “K Melt” Lace Adhesive Our lace wig glue is latex free, strong hold and humidity resistant. We take pride on our products and it’s go big or go home! K Melt dries into the skin in a matter of seconds with a firm hold to finish the look with up to 2/3 week hold.   “K Melt” Wax stick  Our wax stick is oil free, And will slick down just about anything! K Melt, will lay any fly away or that one untamable wig that you gave up on!...