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Bringing you our latest fast selling product from the KKH beauty kollection. “K Melt” Lace Adhesive

Our lace wig glue is latex free, strong hold and humidity resistant. We take pride on our products and it’s go big or go home!

K Melt dries into the skin in a matter of seconds with a firm hold to finish the look with up to 2/3 week hold. 

“K Melt” Wax stick 

Our wax stick is oil free, And will slick down just about anything!

K Melt, will lay any fly away or that one untamable wig that you gave up on!

Jojoba Oil, Mineral Oil,
Vitamin A, Beewax,
Bentonite, Glycerol Stearate,
Hydrolysis Silk. Flavor

”K Melt” Remover

For the protection of edges and lace perseverance we bring you, our lace glue remover. No hassle just apply and watch your lace come right off. 

Our remover helps to protect the delicacy of our fine lace and the effects of glue on your skin!

Organic wetting agents
Citrus oils


The importance of firm hold is everything to us!


our Edge Kontrol & Kontrolling Mousse is now available for purchase. 

King Kontrol 

Strong Hold, oil free and gets the job done!


Kontrolling Mousse 

A fine firm formula to keep that 24 hour slay! 

All products are safe and easy to use.


Purchase our Deluxe set for the full effect! shop the complete set!

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