KKH Braided Wig


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KKH Braided Wig
KKH Braided Wig
KKH Braided Wig

When braids & wigs make a baby

we are now stocking straight back braided wigs 

purchase the unit from us kingskollectionhair, have it braided by Her.Hustle & Installed by Oriallure hair!!

price break down

Full lace wig unit (comes customised bleached/plucked) - 100€

€40 up to 5 braids, €50 up to 8, €60 up to 14 braids,and  €80 up to 16 Price doesn’t vary by length. Xpression pack not incl. €5per pack of xpression if supplied by Her.Hustle generally 1-2 packs needed for cornrows.

60€ for install you will have to personally contact Oriallure to book your install and provided her with confirmation of purchase of the unit. 

install is included in total price*

if you’d like a custom unit, you can purchase the unit & discuss further extras and provide payment later. 

please allow 15-20 business days for unit to be ready*

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